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Adhyayan Suman

Name : Adhyayan Suman

Birthday : 13th January, 1988 (Age:32)

Zodiac Sign : capricon

Occupation : Actor

Marital status : Single

Awards : Stardust- Best Male Debut Haal-E-Dil (2008)

Biography : Adhyayan Suman is an Indian actor born 13th January 1988, Adhyayan Suman is a son of a famous T.V. actor Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan started his career as an actor with Haal-E-Dil in 2008.

In 2009, Adhyayan's second movie was Raaz (The Mistery Continues) by Mohit Suri produced by Mukesh Bhatt which was a box office hit, His third project was again with Mukesh Bhatt in 2010, movie names Jashnn for which Adhyayan was critically acclaimed.

Adhyayan's latest movie was titled as ''Heartless" directed by his father Shekhar Suman and film got released in February 2014.

At present Adhyayan Suman is working on projects such as Frames (DNA of love) and Bombay Dying which is his home production.

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