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Bewakoofiyaan Movie Review

Bewakoofiyaan can be described as a “slice of life” movie, which is set during the time of recession, directed by Nupur Asthana Bewakoofiyaan is a love story which we have seen many times but this time in Bewakoofiyaan making it different.

Story: evolves around Mohit (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) who are passionately in love. While Mohit is a marketing executive, Mayera is a financial expert with a penchant for shoes.

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Mayera’s father played by Rishi Kapoor he, is a retired government official, did not like his daughter’s boyfriend and puts him on probation, and tests him on various levels to ensure he can make enough money to spoil his daughter.

The first half of the film is fast-paced. It wastes no time in introducing the characters, building the plot and swiftly moves from one situation to the other.

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Performances: Ayushmann Khurrana plays the urban guy well. He is cool, charismatic but needs to work on his dialogue delivery, he surprised audience with his exceptionally good performance in Vicky Donor, he does not impress audience extremely in this movie.

Sonam Kapoor who hogged limelight with her bikini scene in this film, has not done justice with her character at all. Rishi Kapoor played his role very well specially in comedy scenes he is impressive.

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Music: Music composed by Raghu Dixit freshly out of the love and youth oven, yet not hot enough to make it to the top charts, there are 6 songs in the album, but sadly none of them are able to gasp audience breath. Only two songs Gulcharrey and Khamakhaan are good which can include in chartbusters.

Delhi and Dubai so beautifully on the big screen. Watch it if you are not doing anything on this weekend. But sadly the album is weak and unfulfilling.

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