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Birthday Special: Aamir turns 50 today, have a look at his top 5 looks

Aamir Khan also known as Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, turns 50 today. The actor is known to be extremely particular when it comes to his films. Whatever he does he sures that it should be best. Aamir has given such memorable performances and donned different avatars to look perfect for the role.

Take a look at top five best makeovers he adopted:

1 Ghajini: Aamir shaved his hair for Gajini, celebrity hair stylist Avan contractor not just got Aamir bald but also created a scar on his head.He tatooed his body with lot of things.

Aamir Khan - Gajini Movie Look
Aamir Khan In Gajini Movie

2 Mangal Pande: Aamir sported a thick moustache and grew his hair for ‘Mangal Pandey’. The movie though didn’t do that well at the box office, but Aamir’s look as well as his performance in the movie were highly appreciated.

Aamir-khan - Mangal Pande movie
Aamir khan In Mangal Pande Movie

3.Lagan: Aamir played the role of a villager in periodical saga Lagaan, he wore dhoti kurta and got his ears pierced for his role to wear actual earrings.

Aamir khan - Lagaan Movie
Aamir khan In Lagaan Movie

4.Talash: Aamir played a cop Shekhawat in the movie, moustache and short hair made him more serious and intense looking in the movie.

Aamir khan - Talaash Movie
Aamir khan In Talaash Movie

5.Pk: Aamir rocked again in PK with his new avatar, he played Alien in the movie with short hair, popping ears and green lens. His nude poster also created controversies.

Aamir Khan - PK Movie
Aamir Khan In PK Movie

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