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Bobby Jasoos Movie Review

Vidya Balan plays Bilqees Ahmed, Bobby Jasoos, a spirited 30-year-old Moghulpura woman who is determined break free from her conservative milieu and explore new avenues. Her latest film Bobby Jasoos in which Vidya plays the title role is just about watchable and the only reason is Vidya Balan. The film starts with a lot of promise but everything falls flat post the first fifteen minutes.

Story: Bilquis played by Vidya want to become a famous and top detective, while her mother Zebo (Supriya Pathak) is encouraging and proud of her, her father has stopped speaking to her. According to him, Bobby (Vidya Balan) has brought shame upon the family due to her profession. Despite being rejected several times because she has neither experience nor a Masters degree, Bobby never gives up hope.

bobby jasoos22She dreams of becoming a `jasoos’, to which end she will fight an ultra-conservative father, and a fumbling lover, and come out on top, Bobby Jasoos is all about. Shaikh seems more focused on the visual aspects of the film, and while the cinematographer captures Hyderabad’s essence beautifully, pretty pictures will take you only so far (and not nearly far enough).

There are many fine things about Bobby Jasoos. A terrific lead performance, a great supporting cast, surprising attention to detail and Hyderabad in full glory.

vidya-balan11Performances: The supremely talented Vidya Balan, who is seen in a variety of disguises in BOBBY JASOOS and speaks in Hyderabadi accent, is the soul of the film. She embraces the part with all the power that she can muster and is absolutely brilliantAli Fazal is adorable as Tasawur, a broadcast journalist and the local heartthrob of Mughalpura and Supriya Pathak really makes you smile as she tries to defend Bobby’s detective dreams.

Music: Coming from Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire there are huge expectations from the film’s music. Shantanu Moitra has tried to come up with a simple yet sweet album, but the compositions are nothing too great. Tu is the only saving grace of the soundtrack, which is definitely the best classical romantic track in a long time.

The album concludes with Sweety, with Aishwarya Nigam. The (male) singer is in a full-spirited andaaz and actually makes Sweety a pleasant number.

Bobby Jasoos Movie Official Trailer:

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