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Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Hate Story 2 is a sequel to the 2012 film Hate Story, Hate Story 2 remains to be a ‘revenge thriller’, it is the story of a young photographer from Mumbai who uses her mind to play games against a high profile Hindu Rightist leader. HATE STORY-2 is a riveting saga of a woman’s vendetta against the man who wronged her. Additionally, the combo of skin show and melodious music add tremendous value to the project.

Story: Surveen Chawla and Jai Bhanushali who is playing role of Akshay fall in love. Their love blossoms with some steamy scenes shot on lead pair. This isn’t acceptable by a high profile leader (Sushant Singh) as he also loves her, and he kills her lover. Sushant and his men kill Jay, but leave Surveen alone after assaulting her. This in turns make Surveen to rise against Sushant to avenge the murder of her love.

jay-surveenHowever, the flick does justice for it’s genre of being thriller and not just an erotic film. The thriller is maintained good but some scenes that shot during assassination should be ignored. Overall the film has thriller factor in it that would for some instants catch your total attention.

Performances: Surveen Chawla is impressive in her first attempt in the movie. She played her part nicely. Jay Bhanushali doesn’t have much to do in the movie but is good in whatever he gets and looked innocent.
Sushant Singh is the show stealer. As an arrogant politician he played his role brilliantly.

Hate story 2Music: The soundtrack of Hate Story did not make waves and the makers wanted the sequel to do better. They have roped in multiple composers and lyricists and have a remix version for each of the four numbers. DJ Shiva does a good job with the remix of ‘Aaj Phir’ making the song dance worthy and it might appeal to the youths.

sushant singhArjit comes back once again with ‘Hai Dil Ye Mera’, composed by Mithoon, a very intense, situational love ballad that will surely be lapped up by the die-hard romantics as well as youth. The music of Hate Story 2 does well for its space and setting.

Hate Story 2 Movie Official Trailer:

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