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Hawaizaada Movie Review

Hawaizaada is the story of Shivkar Talpade, a Maharasthrian scientist from the 1860s, who built the world’s first unmanned aircraft. The dramatic re-telling of Talpade’s life is laborious and over-dramatic. The director of the film Hawaizadaa is the very talented director Vibhu Puri.

Story: The film is about ambitions and miraculously manages to stay airborne as it chronicles the life a man who wanted to fly. Shivkar Talpade called Shivi played by Ayushmann is thrown out of the house by his father after he challenges his ideas and doesn’t live up to his expectations.

Hawaizaada Movie Still

Shastri, who is widely known in the city (Mumbai) as a mad scientist played by Mithun Chakraborty taken him and says Shivi has to help him in his secret project constructing a hawai jahaaz. This is a fictionalized story of a man who attempted to make the first plane.

Hawaizaada Movie Still

Performances: Mithun Chakraborty as Talpade’s mentor is excellent. Pallavi Sharda, as the dancer Sitara Devi played  her part good because she has nothing to do much.

Music: Music is given by Vishal Bhardwaj, he did a justice and songs goes well with the story. Overall music is just average.

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