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Is Sonali targetted by Bigg Boss 8 housemates?

In the first episode of Bigg Boss 8 the Secret Society members asked a few questions to 6 contestants as a part of the task given to them by BB.

sonali raut
Sonali Raut

As a part of the task, the baggage of Sushant, Karishma, Praneet, Diandra, Minissha and Upen was not released by the SS.

So, during the que-ans section Karishma was asked about the inmate who she feels is fake, she picked up Sonali Raut’s name.

Next, when Minissha was questioned by the SS about the person, who according to her, is carrying a negative attitude, she also chose Sonali.

When a que asked to Upen that he has to rate the girls 1 to 7 on her beauty Upen puts Sonali on 7th rank. So it means housemates are targetting Sonali or she has actually attitude problem. Well, it will reveal in some times she is fake or BB8 housemates are wrong.

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