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Kick Movie Review

Eid has undoubtedly emerged as a huge business  time for Bollywood movies and like always Salman Khan grabbed the opportunity. This friday Salman Khan’s much awaited movie Kick has released and this is a treat of Eid for Salman Khan fans. This is a total Salman Khan style movie with sillyness but at the same time cute also.

Story: Devi Lal Singh played by Salman Khan is a genius but can’t stick to a regular job, he has changed 32 jobs because he did not find exciting or adventurous. He does things that give him a ‘kick’. Life is full of action and unimaginable thrills for our hero, until he falls in love with a psychiatrist (Jacqueline Fernandez), It doesn’t take long for Devi to turns into Devil when he realizes that it’s the money that makes the world go round. And now he needs more than his fair share of ‘kicks’ to make a living.


Devi wants to help children who need medical help but can’t afford the treatment. Devi disappears from his lady love’s life. A heartbroken Shaina shifts with her parents in Poland and her father is trying to set her up with a desi top cop Himanshu (Randeep Hooda). As the uninspiring chor-police game continues at a slow pace. Salman never leaves a frame without his trademark ‘kick’ which we would say is ‘madness’. And we can’t stop adoring him for that.

Performances: As always Salman Khan impresses you, he amuses you with one-liners, gives you an edge of the seat thrill with nicely choreographed stunts. Randeep Hooda as an intense cop is again impressive. He brings in the required right expression and never blinks an eye in front of the baddies.

salman-khan1Jacqueline’s performance in the film can be seen as a first step towards polishing her Hindi and brushing up on acting. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the negative role and he steals the show even when he stands opposite Salman Khan.


Music: Himesh Reshammiya teams up with his mentor Salman Khan in the upcoming film, Kick. Meet Bros Anjjan and Yo Yo Honey Singh chip in with one song each as well. The track of the album is Tu Hi Tu, which has six different versions (including remixes)! The first version is sung by Mohammed Irfan. He does an excellent job, managing to convey the emotions beautifully through his vocals.

Salman Khan seems to be enjoying the spotlight as singer and Tu Hi Tu is the third song he has sung in the album. Otherwise, it is a stellar soundtrack with all the makings of a chartbuster.

Kick Movie Official Trailer:

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