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OMG: Salman Khan gets angry on Kick’s trailer launch

During the trailer launch of Salman Khan’s Kick, a reporter asked the question about Priety and Ness Wadia’s fight. The actor ignored all the questions related to good friend Preity Zinta who was going through a tough time. But when it was pointed out to him that his good friend was going through a tough time, Salman Khan broke into a jig and started pacing the stage without saying a word, and danced just to ignore the question.

Salman at launchThe journalist insisted on asking her question because Salman is a close friend of Preity, Salman said to reporter you are at wrong place.

Salman Khan and Priety worked together in 2,3 movies and became good friends. They still share great bond with each other, he then shift the mic to his co-star Randeep Hooda, who politely said, “I think it’s her personal matter. I shouldn’t comment.”

Salman-Sajid at launchSalman even announced, “Only you are interested in that question. The others here have come to know more things about Kick.”

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