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Rakshabandhan Special: Most popular brother-sister duo of B-Town

As we all know today is rakshabandhan, it is the occassion where every brother- sister celebrate and bonds with each other. Here are some brother-sister duo who share great relationship with each other.

Check out some hottest brother-sister jodis of Bollywood:

1- The young kids from the Kapoor khandaan are popular in their own way, and they share great rapo with each other. In fact, after the super success of films like Barfi and Rockstar, Kareena admitted that she considered her brother Ranbir a tough competitor.They spend quality time on many occassions of Kapoor Khaandan.

ranbir-with-karisma-and-kareena2- Our Dabangg Khan of Bollywood loves his sisters, whenever Salman gets free from his shootings he always tried to spend time with his sisters. He is a very protective brother to his sisters.

salma-with-sis3- Being the same age, Arjun and Sonam may have shared the closeness like that of twins however she always relied on him in the matters of the heart. When Sonam Kapoor is not working, she likes to spend some quality time with her brother Arjun, and Sonam is happy about the way her cousin brother Arjun Kapoor is doing welln Bollywood.

arjun-sonam4- Saif and Soha have been in the limelight as actor swhile his other sibling Saba has been involved in creative pursuits of a different kind. Soha thinks Saif is a great friend of her and gives her the best advice always.

saif-with-sis5- Abhishek Bachchan thinks his sister Shweta is best critic of him and tells him what is good or bad about his performances. In a recent interview given to a leading daily, Shweta talks about her brother and said ever since he was a boy, he wanted to act. He enjoyed going on the sets and struck up friendships with the entire unit.


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