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Rani Mukerji said actors are like beggars

Rani Mukerji in MARDANI

Rani Mukerji an Indian film actress, who is known for her film roles have been cited as a significant departure from the traditional portrayal of women in mainstream Hindi cinema.

Rani Mukerji, who is one of the most high-profile celebrities in Indian cinema and would love to be a part of women-oriented movies.

The actress started her journey of Bollywood with a leading role in the 1997 social drama “Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat” with the moral of female wellfare society.

Rani Mukerji who is popularly known for her strong roles in films, is know playing a police officer in her upcoming film “Mardaani“.

Inspite of being a part of women-oriented actress Rani Mukerji feels that actors are like beggars as they can’t choose much.

At the trailer launch of ‘Mardaani’ Rani Mukerji told reporters that “It is great that female-oriented films are doing well. I wish more such films come up and work at the box office so more producers are inspired to make such movies,”

She also said that “This film is extremely close to us. It is the way of awakening the spirit of ‘Mardaani’. At young age I got to know about Rani of Jhansi and how strong she was. And strong doesn’t mean in terms of physicality, but in spirit. We women are descendants of Shakti. Through this film we are talking about the inner strength of women so that no one takes undue advantage of them,”

Rani Mukerji is excited about her next release ‘Mardaani’, which is set to release on 22nd August, 2014.

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