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Saala Khadoos Movie Review

Story: Saala Khadoos is a thriller movie released on this friday. R Madhavan as Adi Tomar is a boxing coach under Indian Boxing Association.Adi’s is been frames in the sexual harassment case by the dirty politics & due to this his career breaks down, later he is forced to become a coach by the the corrupt association chief, Dev (Khatri) land him up in a transfer to Chennai to train women boxers.

Saala Khadoos

In Chennai, Adi remains disappointed with the current team as he feels they have no potential until he meets Ritika as Madhi whose elder sister Mumtaz Sircar as Lakshmi is also a boxer. Adi saw that Madhi has great potential and he endure all her tantrums and fights to train her, to make her a champion. The path was really very tough more then they expect.

Performance: R Madhavan dedicate his heart, soul, sweat and muscles into his character, to be ‘Saala Khadoos’. Adi was short-tempered, very particular and possessive towards boxing. Newcomer Ritika Singh is tremendously good as the forever kicking-punching-fighting Madhi.

Mumtaz Sircar tries her level best in the role Laxmi, but but could not stand in front of her reel-sister Madhi. The rest of the supporting cast helps Madhavan and Ritika. Zaakir Hussain’s villainous character Dev is too caricaturist and could have been performed a little more intelligently.

Sudha Kongara’s story and direction is commendable, she tries to keep her story real but there is an abundance of over-emotional sequences.
Music: The abundance of songs feels tedious and harms the pace of the story. In the first half an hour, for example, there are about three odd songs.

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