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The next diva of bollywood ‘Alia Bhatt’

You’ve got to hand it to Alia Bhatt, who made a remarkable debut with at 20, she’s got all the poise and attitude of a true Bollywood diva and makes it all seem so effortless, too.

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Youngest star of Bollywood who started her career with ‘Student of year’ and she impressed all by her innocent look and beauty. She certainly has made her presence felt.

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Alia Bhatt said, “I want to be a superstar but first I want to be an actor then I want to be a superstar.
She might not be the best actress around but she is certainly natural when it comes to her expressions and dialogue delivery.


I know of her opinion of me since day one, and that she appreciates me as a friend. There is no competition at all… I feel Alia will be a superstar. She has everything going for her.” said Parineeti Chopra.


“I still remember seeing Alia as a little cutie on the sets of ‘Sangharsh’ playing mini me. This one will be the brightest star forever, ” Priety posted on Twitter.

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Alia Bhatt is just 2 films old but both her roles were poles apart. Her third movie opposite Arjun kapoor is yet another different role.

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