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Ugly Movie Review

Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Ugly’ focuses on the ugliness of each person in a complex film plot. it is a simple, hard-hitting and dark movie. It shows you how we mess up our own lives because of ego, jealousy and misunderstood notions of people around us.

Story: A 10-year-girl, left alone in a car in a busy Mumbai neighbourhood, disappears. Her actor-father and his casting agent-friend go to a nearby police station to lodge a complaint.

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The mother of a girl is a whiskeyed-out wife too jaded to lift an eyebrow, and her new father is a tough-as-nails police chief who hates the actor his wife used to be married to. And that’s just the simple bit, Ugly is all about wheels within wheels.

Ugly, in one simple line, is about how we tend to lose greater things in life because we are too stuck on our own perceptions and insecurities.

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Performance: One person who truly enthralls us in this film is undoubtedly Ronit Roy who plays a ruthless cop. Rahul Bhat who plays Kali’s dad and a struggling actor does a good job too.

Siddhanth Kapoor does not have a plum role in the film but his most iconic scene for sure will remain in memory as he dances with bundles of cash tucked in his underpants.

Music: The music of the movie has given by GV Prakash. Ugly does not have over-loaded music, loud background or any of those cliches most Bollywood films survive on.

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